Friday, November 14, 2008

Did God Contradict himself?

This was sparked by a post on another blog. His stand was this..Everything God purposes to do, He does. If all people everywhere are not saved, then He has not purposed/intended for all people everywhere to be saved. So he is saying that God intended only but a few to actaully be saved and the rest are destined to be seperated from God.So the issue is did God really intend everyone to be saved or did he just intend that a few know him.

This is the age old arguement of Pre-Destination vs free will. If God pre-destinied only a few to be saved, then he pre-destined some to not get saved. If we are destined to do one of the other, then we are not free to choose, Right?

The problem is that we are human. Our thought process is limited to what our bodies can perceive from our environment. We are constrained to liner space and time.We are desperately trying to understand the thought processes of a being that does not have these limitations. God is not limited by space, or time. He is not constrained within a fleshly body. He knows the choices that we will make in our life even before we do. He probably knew this even before we were born. Now does this mean that we don’t have free will to make our decisions?Not at all. To us free will and pre-destination are 2 extremes that cannot possibly coexist.

I submit to you that they can and do work together quite nicely to a being that does not have the limited brains that we do.I submit that the problem that you propose is also not a problem at all. God knows who will and will not be saved even before we were all born. Now does that mean that he does not will that all be saved? Not at all. It simply means that he has that foreknowledge of who will and who will not be accept him. So to us, with our limited brains, we think that he only chose a limited few to be saved.But to a God that is able to think way beyond the limitations of space and time, this makes perfect sense.

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