Friday, November 14, 2008

The Nephilim - There goes the neighborhood

I have been fascinated by the Nephilim. For those that dont know who they are, or were, depending on your beliefs, they were the race of Hybrids that were created from the union of the daughters of men and fallen angels.

According to the Word, they existed before the flood and also after. Goliath, of David and Goliath fame, was a Nephilim.

God brought about the flood because of this race of no good half breeds and chose Noah because he was the only blood line not corrupted by it.

Follow me so far? If you have trouble beleiving that, then you most certainly are not going to want to stick around for what I have to say next. Theries abound on what happens next.

One theory, which I think is pretty sound is that when the Nephilim died in the flood, their spirits became what we know of today as Evil Spirits or Demons. Other theories are that they escaped somehow to underground caverns in the earth. Some think that the earth is hollow, which is a old theory. But these Nephilim now live in these underground caverns in the hollow earth.

Still others believe that Nephilim escaped to a distant planted or star. The most common held home is belived to be planet X, or the 12th planet, otherwise known as Nibiru.

This theory says that these Nephilim have been visiting us for a long long time and will come back in force on of these days. We know them now as Aliens, UFO's and the like. They are the ones responsible for all the aleged abductions and experiements as they continually alter the human DNA.

My question is this. Does anyone out there believe all this? if so, how much do you believe and at what point does your belief stop?

So, tell me what you think?

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