Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Web Sites, forums and such

I needed a place to store the addresses to my current web sites and this seemed as good a place as any.
Needs Met

Church Home Search
(still under construction. but it will be a Church evaluation site. Folks looking for a church home will be able to come onto the site and seach for local area churches. But it will be more than just a boring page of Church adds. It will be a place for one stop shopping for churches where you can compare their services, styles, ministries, and even have a rating system.)

YWAM Class of 1990 reunion
This is a forum that I put together for my YWAM friends. I attended Youth With a Mission in Yyler Texas back in 1990. Im trying to find all my class mates that I attended DTS and SOE with. We hope to have a reunion as soon as I can find everyone.

Facebook personal page
This is my personal facebook page

My Space personal page
This is my personal My Space page

My Space YWAM page
This is the page we set up to find class mates on ours.

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