Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is God Too Big??

Is our God too big?

This might seem like an odd thing to say, but please bear with me.

I was in a church service a couple weeks ago. The pastor was talking about why we don’t feel that God can meet our needs. He said that this is because we just don’t understand how big our God really is.

Well, I do agree that God is big and certainly big enough to handle any problem that we have. But what I want to explore is the opposite problem. Is it possible that we have made God out to be so huge that we just can’t grasp Him at all?

Let me explain what I’m thinking here. We spend our entire Christian lives putting God up on a pedestal. Our Church ceremonies are filled with pomp and circumstance. When we pray to God, we bow our heads in reverence and out of respect. In some churches, they have taken this reverence of God to huge heights like putting on robes, lighting candles etc....

Now, please don’t mishear me. I’m not saying that God is not big and does not deserve respect. What I am saying is that we have made God out to be so huge, and so high up there and exalted, that maybe He has become too big for us.

Most of what I have learned about God has been in the past few years and has been the result of becoming a father myself. I think it’s a bit ironic, and telling, that becoming a Pastor did not accomplish this. Only becoming a dad did.

Let’s use your earthly relationship with your Father as an example. Let’s says that every day, when you come to your Father, you say “Hello Father.” “How are you doing Father.” ”Can I serve you today Father? “You are so mighty and able to help me father” You walk around bowing to your father, clothing your father with flowing robes and in general, just revering him and honoring him.

Now, what kind of relationship do you think you will have with your father if all you ever to is this? Do you really think that you will be able to go to him with your needs and desires? I’m sure that fathers out there might like it for a little while, but it would get old very quickly. What a father really wants is for his children to be able to talk to him openly and honestly. No pretense, no reverent “Hail mighty Father” or anything like this. Just simple and intimate relationship.

This time, let’s substitute the word Daddy. “Daddy, how are you doing today”, Daddy, how can I help you today”

The first example just comes off as that you are revering and honoring your Father, but the relationship is cold and distant.

In the second example, the relationship is intimate, warm and cozy. It’s an example of a close relationship where you feel like you truly know the man and he can know and help you. Want proof? Are you close to your dad? Try calling him daddy. It feels right doesn’t it? If you are not close to him, you will probably find that the words are hard to say.

Another wonderful example of this is the book that I just finished called “The Shack.” (http://www.TheShackBook.com)

In this book, the God head (God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit) are portrayed as normal people just like you an me. Reminds me of that song from a few years back. “What if God was one of us.” In the book, God is portrayed as a warm, intimate loving Character. God talks one on one with the main Character in the book. He cooks, washes dishes, works in the garden, and lays on a dock staring up into the heavens.

Many people that have read this book have said that they will never see God quite the same again. They say that they can now relate to Him and have an intimate relationship with Him.

Try an experiment.

Next time you are in Church, instead of simply raising your hands and singing to a God that is way far out of reach, try this. Look over at that empty spot next to you and imagine Him as a real person. Talk to Him like he is a real person. Hold his hand and tell Him that you love Him. My guess is that you will feel closer to Him. And if you do this regularly, you might even get to know Him and feel like He is capable of meeting your needs.

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